Since the purchase of any NEW Bucket Casting Clamps does not exist, we have to circulate the ones in the field making sure all treads are clean and new hardware is installed.

We have lost a couple castings because of customers who never returned the casting between 2019 & 2020 so NO buckets will be shipped until your casting is cut out.

(1) Cut out your buckets Casting clamp as shown above / below and SEND IT TO ME WITH NO FIBERGLASS ATTACHED and mail to me, make sure to protect it for the corners breaking off in delivery,

If any Fiberglass is still attached a $100 charge will applied.  New Bucket will be shipped the same day “Your” Customers casting core is received at:   Brians Parts & Service LLC,            21 Sherbrooke Rd, Milford CT 06461


I normally have one or more  New Buckets in stock at all times but you must call first, as first come first serve.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not stock buckets in Connecticut.

You can see the top of the casting in photo..

Its held in by (8) bolts.